Technology plays a significant role in our daily life, and it is now used in virtually every sector of our lives.  Consequently, Telecom operators nowadays are no longer only interested in voice calls and data broadband services, but also in providing all the potential value-added services they could offer, seeking to further attract new customers.

Realizing that, Added Values Company produced and deveopled visual, digital, and audio content. Furthermore, they built strategic partnerships with a number of top Arab celebrities, media representatives, poets and readers aiming at enriching its content. 

Added Values Co. owns a diverse audio library of content that varies from Islamic, to cultural to poetic. In addition, the company works on gaining a competitive edge in this industry through specializing in producing and marketing all kinds of digital content throughout different new communications and media networks. 

Added Values Co. started its activities in a very specific area, which is enhencing old contents and renewing them to meet all different needs of new technologies’ users. This enhancement process covers the diversity of subjects, the time of content and its presentation methods.


To be part of the continuous improvement process of video, digital and audio content, in order to keep up with technological advances and to meet all ever-changing consumers’ demands and expectations.  

In addition to focusing on continuously seeking new methods that would improve our abilities to further increase the product quality, and enhancing our innovative capabilities in order to maintain our position as ‘Quality Leaders at all Times’.